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a romantic visual novel about an android finding herself

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Post-KS Update #20
11 days ago – Sat, May 14, 2022 at 10:48:08 PM

Hello, everyone and sorry for the lack of an update from me last week! As you can imagine, I have limited energy due to my health still not being good but I do have an update on that!

Positive(!) health update.

I finally, finally, finally have doctor's appointments for iron infusions, which is FANTASTIC news. :D One is on the 23rd of May and the other is on the 1st of June. Long story short, the financial counselor NEVER got back to me, so I just gave up and decided to talk to my doctor directly. I was pretty angry ngl but they finally called me back and basically said that they'll schedule me my appointments.

I'm really optimistic about the treatment: I'll have energy and be able to stand and function without dizzy spells so that'll be very conducive to writing, as you can imagine. Speaking of....

How writing is going.

If I'm honest (which I will always be with you guys) right now I'm averaging about 100 words a day, which isn't very much. Since April, I've only written about 3k. The reason it's so low is because I am pretty exhausted after work but as soon as I get my infusions, I should be back to my normal energy levels and thus normal output which is closer to 2k a day, not per month. As such, I don't think I'll finish Victor's route by the end of the month, putting me a little behind schedule, but I'm fully confident that I will be able to catch up with myself as soon as my health is back to where it should be. Please bear with me while I get my physical health in order, as I am extremely eager but simply physically unable to work as hard as I used to.

Physical Prizes.

I sent every single physical prize (which is where all of my energy has been going--writing out a couple hundred letters and packing them is no easy task, but I managed to do it, even though it took weeks at my current health status.) I even filled out the customs forms for the overseas posters!

If you don't receive your package by next Wednesday, please reach out to me directly.


I received the money which means first things first: hiring a second writer.

A second writer?!

Yes, a second writer! I actually closed applications today--there were 137 applications so I have a lot of reading to do @w@;; I've read through 30 people's samples so far and there are so many excellent candidates. That said, I think that with my health limitations, it's high time for me to get some assistance and stop being so stubborn, especially if I want to finish Belle Automata's 6 routes this year. So, I'll keep you guys updated as usual with what goes on, even if it's not fast moving progress like I would like.

CG Artist Issues

Last but not least, I haven't heard from the CG artist in weeks and I'm pretty sure they ghosted. Thankfully, they did so before we got any art done but that basically just means wasted time on Belle Automata's part. I'm really frustrated and considering ways I can pay my original artist (AGAIN) but I'm pretty sure it's impossible now soooooo guess who's going to be on the search for another artist again? :'D Belle Automata~

In the end...

Through all the struggles, I will never give up so please believe in me and continue to believe in this project. All will be well! :D I will continue to push forward and I sincerely believe that even if I cannot write the whole thing as I intended and I have to share the load, Belle Automata will be written and completed this year. And you can take that to the bank!



Post-KS Update #19
25 days ago – Sun, May 01, 2022 at 02:32:18 AM

Sorry for the late update! I have some GREAT news and some..... not so great news. Still <3 so let's hop into this week's update!

Snailing through programming the final voice acting for the Nightmare Prince's route!

Since work and my health have been.... not good (more on this in the next bullet), I've been working on programming. As you guys know, I finished writing the Nightmare Prince's route about a month or so ago but I was still waiting for the voice acting: well, I received it! And programming is underway.

It's a bit embarrassing to hear the romantic lines I wrote... but anyway, I look forward to you guys playing it.

Now the bad news:

My health is really not good right now. Usually I don't like to talk about details of my personal life but since it affects you guys, here we go.

I have some doctor's appointments scheduled for iron infusions because long story short, I have a chronic illness that causes severe anemia amongst other things and right now my anemia is out of control. I get dizzy at work and at home, and when I'm not working, I'm sleeping. I do take iron supplements twice a day but they are not enough to help me do much except function at work (more or less. Mostly less.)

I couldn't do anything about it because I quit my old job and couldn't afford the treatment without insurance. I applied for financial assistance but instead of approving it, they just asked me for pay stubs... which I had in limited supply because I'd just quit. Then I got my new job. I let them know, but usually in the US, if a job provides insurance, it starts 90 days after employment... instead of denying or approving me, I got hit with (you guessed it!) more requests for pay stubs. Which I provided. Did I hear back? (No.)

Now shocker, with my NEW job, I got my insurance within 30 days of employment which is pretty much unheard of but what do you know, my insurance cards came in the mail. Anyway, my anemia's steadily getting worse, but hopefully with my new insurance covering my appointments, I'll be able to actually get the treatments I need.

That has severely hindered how much progress I can make but I did schedule two appointments in May for iron infusions and I to b totally honest, I am beyond frustrated at this point since I was supposed to have these appointments in March. (Then April. And now...)

TL;DR: Ya girl is sick, health care in the US is trash and I'm working on getting the treatments I need to be better.

The good news... or should I say GREAT news is......... WE. GOT. FUNDING!!! Belle Automata will be funded to include all six routes.

Now what does that mean for you? Nothing, really. I will be releasing the Kickstarter version first and the additional routes as DLC. Not much yet to report as I'm still working out the fine details but next week I'll post a handy dandy chart to let you guys know what the upcoming months will look like.

If you're still with me, thank you for reading all of this.

Your continued support means the world to me <3


TBH I'm a bit tired to come up with facts but feel free to submit questions for a Q&A to any character you wish!

Post-KS Update #18
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 22, 2022 at 11:40:54 PM

Sorry for this late night Kickstarter update!

Work has been a mess lately because a ton of people have been calling out so there's that and I've been pretty exhausted after work. That said, I do have a little bit of progress to report!

The first half of Victor's route had been recorded by the entire cast excepting Aureve.

We recorded the first quarter of Victor's route, so we made a second appointment. That recording date is on Monday, so I'll be following up to finish recording with Zoe then.

Once the VA is recorded and processed, that means the VA can be implemented which means! Extended demo! I can't wait to release it!

Instead of choosing the follow the events of the demo, players will get two extra scenes--one for the Nightmare Prince and one for Victor--that reveals something sweet about the characters. It's my hope that people fall in love with what the extended demo has to offer.

I'm almost finished packing orders.

I unfortunately waited on the last fifteen people to finish their surveys, but honestly if they don't finish them, I'll be mailing them out on Monday during my lunch break anyway! So keep an eye out this upcoming week.

That's it for this week!


1. Aureve has never seen a dog, but she has seen a cat before!

2. Klaus can be quite cross if he feels you're crossing boundaries.

3. Victor plays the violin for... reasons.

Post-KS Update #17
about 1 month ago – Sun, Apr 17, 2022 at 12:47:44 PM

Sorry for the late update! I had a long day at work. So let's hop right into it!

Victor's route is half-way complete.

I don't know how I got this far, but I'm glad to be here LOL. I've been working on it in little bits after work, but I didn't realize how far I was getting until I checked the work count and boom! Half-way. As such, I started scheduling recording sessions. So far I've recorded Diego and Klaus' lines but I have the rest of the cast this upcoming week.

The packing supplies I ordered arrived but one set of items was too small :'^)

So I had to order it AGAIN, this time in the correct size. So NOW packing can continue. It's a small extra that photocard order-ers will receive but I'm really proud of it! So far here's just SOME of the orders that are 100% ready to go. (Carefully placed so no addresses are revealed, haha.)

It may not seem like a lot but for one person writing everything by hand, I feel pretty proud of myself. I'll start mailing them and the posters out this week!

A new CG artist has been found.

I forgot to really talk about this but the CG artist and I had some creative differences that ultimately led us to (amicably) part ways. I did find another CG artist though and although her delivery will be a little slower, the style is a lot closer to the sprites than the previous artist.

That's all for this week!


1. Klaus has broken three microwaves in his life.

2. Klaus has also locked himself out of his vehicle three times in his life.

3. Diego dislikes the color green unless it is in nature.

Post-KS Update #16
about 1 month ago – Mon, Apr 11, 2022 at 08:37:21 AM

Hello, everyone! Sorry for not updating last week. Honestly, there was just a lot of real life drama going on and my real life situation is about to change drastically as a result. Personally, I don't like to talk about my real life enough to give all of the details, but I will try my best to keep you guys updated on progress of Belle Automata.

A few things:

Thus far, I have been unable to find a publisher for Belle Automata, but I did receive an offer for funding.

We'll see what happens, but hopefully, I'll have an update for you guys soon either way I decide. I did consider strongly turning them down but there is a renegotiation to be had on my part because of certain future circumstances. I really want Belle Automata to be fully realized instead of just 1/3 of what I imagined to be totally honest.

Packed up 10 out of 12 pages of orders.

Due to the Things Going On, I went ahead and worked on physical rewards instead of working on the game and thankfully, I finished most of them--as of right now, I have 61 physical rewards left to pack and the only reason there's that many is that I ran out of packing materials ^^;; I ordered more materials and they're well on the way so by next Friday, I will be done and able to mail everything out after work except the physical light novel. I hope y'all like them!

I didn't write anything new for Belle Automata.

Victor's route is about halfway done but as I said, I packed orders after work and now that I have a full time job, I can pretty much just do one thing per day. It's not really an update you guys would like to hear probably,  but it is an honest one.

I received the last part of the Nightmare Prince's VA.

I haven't decided if my next Belle Automata work will be to program or to write. I think I will focus on programming next week, THEN scheduling VA for the first 20k of Victor's route and THEN focus on writing. It'll be slow going but thankfully, I scheduled time for release.

Thank you for walking this slow journey with me.